Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trayvon vs Zimmerman

We have all been watching off and on this case as "portions" of it was televised on CNN or Fox or some of the major news networks. Most of us have busy lives and we don't have time to look at Court TV or one of the other channels that gives full and complete coverage of any trial in America.

Because of that what we see is always filtered through the eyes of theu media right or left. They show us what they want us to see. They report what THEY want us to believe. They leave out important facts when it doesn't suit their agenda. The viewers are left to devise scenarios and supositions which may not even be reality.

The media wanted us to believe that the shooting of Trayvon Martin was the result of profiling with a racial connontation. The pro-Zimmerman media wanted us to believe that Traywon was a kid heading for trouble, from a broken home and with some issues at school.

it is about time that as a nation we turn off the media and stop listening to them.
They have an agenda.

1) They hate Christians. Both Trayvon's parents are Christians.
Zimmerman's family are people of faith as well.

2) They love homosexuals and the gay agenda.

3) They hate white people unless they are white homosexual predators and then the
media gives them a pass unless they are priests.

Now the star witness Rachael Jeantel finally has had the chance to explain
what she believes happened that night on Piers Morgan's show. And because no one understood the language of the street and because she was doing her best not to knock or bash the homosexual community it just wasn't made clear. (You may not get this if you do not watch the unedited interview).

The tragedy of errors occurred because of true misunderstanding by our population caused by the media's prolonged wish to divide this nation into the haves and have nots, blacks and whites, so that they can rule with their agenda, is pathetic. We have become a nation that is afraid of each other.

It is time that Americans realize that the enemy is not our neighbor or those who look different from us. The enemy is the media and the rich men who run the media who are owned by the "rich" companies that are not American.

The true picture that is coming out now, which in the words of one of the jurist was this, "It was not about race." And she was absolutely correct even by the account of Rachel Jeantel.

Trayvon's family lived in a mixed community. George's family are a mix heritage.
It is not about race.

It was about fear.

Trayvon though that George Zimmerman was a "creepy-ass cracker," a white "predator" crusing around in a car in the dark looking for a "victim." He did not know that George Zimmerman was a neighbor, nor did Trayvon know he was the "neighorhood watch." Trayon thought he was beating up a "white male predator," who was looking for little boys to rape.

What I really appreciate is the grace that the Martin family is showing in the midst of their pain and this tragedy. I know that the Zimmerman family as well, have undergone the worst kind of racial profiling even being endured being called by the liberal press a new media race called, "white hispanics" are suffering because of this horrible tragedy. Both familes are good and decent and both sons I believe were the same.

As a nation, we need to come together a lift up both families in prayer. We need to discuss what could have been done to prevent this tragedy.

People are afraid to get involved. When George cried out for help, many heard him. Who came out to help? NOBODY. We need to speak the same language so that communications can be understood. Both George and Trayvon were good guys who misunderstood the intentions of the other.

According to Rachel Jeanteal, Trayvon was just "whopping his ass," in referring to the beating he was giving George Zimmerman for stalking him. Trayvon's intention was probably not to kill him, but George didn't know that. George thought Trayvon was trying to kill him.

George was just following the directions of the dispatcher to see where Trayvon was going and since Traywon thought George was a predator he was doing what he thought was protecting his family, that is, going in and out of the complex trying to lose Zimmerman. Which made his actions all the more disconcerting.

It's time for Americans stop listening to people like AL Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who will continue to make this a racial issue so that they can raise more money for their non-profits and live the good life.

Why is the media who are probably 95% white doing their best to turn this nation against "white" people in power? What is their agenda but to destroy and conquer a nation by changing the values of the nation and by pitting people against people and by brow beating them nightly with news of tragedy, crimes and the agenda of the anti-family left.

The majority of the people in America are good people. They want to celebrate Christmas and Easter. They want to understand the cultures of all the immigrant communities and participate because the diversity of cultures in America is what made this nation great! That is why millions of people are here as illegal immigrants. What other nation in the world has millions of people risking everything to come to America and stay as an illegal immigrant? What other nation in the world would tolerate that?

America is great because Americans are good. And Americans are good because their foundation is Biblical. And the media is desperating trying to rewrite history and change all of that.

In days to come, let us a communities all across this nation, start talking to one another again and turn off the television.

Monday, May 6, 2013


I am not a regular TV watcher and I live in the Pasadena area so when the fires started last weekend, I really didn't know how terrible they were until my nephew responded to an email - the fires are bad - will contact you later.

He happens to live in the hills of Malibu. When I did turn on the evening news, I like many of you, saw the huge fire in Camarillo, Glendale, Rialto and smaller ones all over the area near freeways

Hmm. The reporter says it is the weather, hot and dry, and the winds. Hmm.

Thousands of fire fighters were dispatched to the north and then the east and then the south. And it was all because of the weather?

What should have been a worse disaster which looks very suspicious. It looks more like planned arson, but it was cut short by DIVINE INTERVENTION.

Did you see any rain clouds on Friday, May 3rd?

On May 2, the National Day of Prayer, hundreds of thousands gathered in the north (Sacramento) in the East (Bakersfield, Palmdale, Victorville), in the South (San Diego, San Marco) and in the West (Los Angeles) to up hold our nation in prayer and reclaim our heritage, "One Nation Under God."

It would seem to me that God was pleased. He sent the rains. Lots of rains enough to put out the fires and dampen the potential damage which could have been in the billions.

Speaking of Divine Intervention, did you know there is a Pentagon Channel on Satellite? You need to look for that station. Yesterday I saw the story of Desmond Doss. What a hero! A conscientious objector, he volunteered to serve as a Medic in World War II. He refused to carry or touch a gun. Yet he was willing to serve his country in the US Army. After a harsh two years of training and discrimination from his superiors, the entire platoon to Okinawa and participated in the a battle that lost 15,000 soldiers, 115,000 Japanese troops and 100,000 Okinawans.

Desmond without a gun, showed bravery beyond measure. He ran to the gun fire.
And when the fighting lulled, he silently all night crawled into the brush to retrieve the bodies of his fallen comrades and look for the wounded and dragged them to safety in peril of his own life. According to the reports, a Japanese soldier even had Doss in his sights but when he pulled the trigger, his rife misfired several times and then he stopped trying to kill Doss as he knew this was something unusual.

He saved more than 75 wounded men in the Battle for Okinawa in one evening and many, many more. He later suffered a tremendous wound himself that put him on the permanently disabled list. Throughout his service he kept his faith in Jesus Christ and his determination to keep his sabbath, no matter the ridicule or punishment from his superiors. And, during this battle in Okinawa, he saved the life of his commander, the very one who mistreated him. God honored him. And later his own men in his company recommended him for Congressional Medal of Honor. His faith was Seventh Day Adventist.

This is why I believe it is so important for Christians to major or the major and forget the minors. The Bible says if you "call upon the name of the Lord," you shall be saved. He never said if you are Protestant or Catholic, Charismatic or Baptist.

It is all about Jesus! What will we do about Jesus?

When we serve God, faithfully, and truthfully, He will divinely intervene when we need Him the most.

Thank you Lord, for sending the Showers of Blessings to Southern California today and putting out all the fires!

And Thank you Lord, for allowing us to be an American and to live in a Christian nation that welcomes people of all faiths, cultures and nationalities.

If we lived in a non-Christian nation, we would never experience the freedom and liberty we enjoy in America. God bless you and God bless America.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Result of Compromise

The recent election was amazing. I sat with millions of voters waiting for polls to close to see what was going to happen and whom God was going to place into the leadership of our nation.

Prayers, rallies, fastings and events have permeated the nation from the East to the West coast from the North to the South. As believers, we cannot say that we did not pray God would put into office the person He would.

So we sat and we watched. The very first votes casted in New Hampshire at midnight resulted in five (5) for Obama and five (5) for Romney. We felt good about this in a blue state. But later, as votes came in and states mounted for President Obama, we could only sit back in resignation knowing that the business man would be defeated by the community organizer.

We are living in historic days. We are watching the hand of God move upon this nation sovereignly to bring in a change good or bad, that is going to renew the spirit of revival in this land. During the campaign there were many black voices trying to speak out about righteousness, integrity and honor but they were ignored by not only mainstream press but by mainstream religious organizations and ministries.

This was a great mistake, believing the independents were the ones whose hearts were needed win the election. We needed to capture the heart of the Black American Church,the Hispanic American Church, the Filipino American Church, the Arab American Church, and the Chinese American Church.

The message was compromised. The message was distilled to a one note melody - "I can create jobs."

America needs more than jobs. America needs God. The voices of these men of God who cried out speaking against homosexuality, abortion, same sex marriage were asked to be softened.

Like John the Baptist of old, they were not wearing the same clothing as the mainstream, or from the same denomination, or not the same color. So they were asked to speak softer, not so bibical, not so literal, not so loud. So in effect the church compromised so that the media wouldn't not mis-interpret them as the fanatical "right wing."

Thank goodness this only affected the national race and senatorial race. It did not affect the House of Representatives.

Take a good look at the electoral map. Not by the states, but look at them via counties. You will see that 80% plus of this nation voted Red and it was the 20% that voted blue won the electoral college. This is why the House of Representatives still holds the majority because American people are basically good and conservative in their philosophy of life.

What should our attitude be now in preparation for election 2014?

Our focus now should be praying for revival to take place in ALL THE BLUE AREAS! And it will take the partnership of those churches and men of God who are preaching the right message and are not compromising God's word! Support them!
Remember too, it is not about the party. It is about the candidate. When the righteous flourish, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, people groan Proverbs 29:2

When we compromise and pander for the sake of votes we will always come out the loser even if we win!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Only in America, do you land at the international terminal and are greeting by countless numbers of uniformed, armed, law enforcement officials. This reminded me of 1979 on our first trip via Korean Airlines to Asian. The plane landed in Seoul, Korea. Passengers were ordered to disembark. Like little soldiers we all when through the security check, passport check, baggage check, personal check and then reloaded on the plane and off to our final destination.

How grateful we were when we concluded our vacation and landed at Los Angeles International Airport. There were signs everywhere that says, "Welcome to the United States of America, " with the smiling face of our President and a feeling a freedom in the air.

This December, when we landed there were no welcome signs even President Obama's picture was just there - they didn't even have his name or a greeting posted from him. It could have been anyone - but it was our president

There was no music, no carols, no jingles, no nothing just silence and long lines of terrified visitors waiting for their individual interviews.

When we landed in the Philippines, a huge nativity scene was in the entrance of the airport and Christmas tree lights were begin hung in the parking lots. When we landed in Malaysia, there was Christmas music playing the the shopping area and bright lights and Christmas decorations everywhere. When we landed in Hong Kong, again, a very happy welcoming environment.
When we went to China - we actually were greeted with Christmas music in the airport, Christmas decorations and a Merry Christmas sign on one of their most popular tourist attractions!

What in the world is wrong with America?

Because we are so paranoid on immigrants coming to America to seek a better life...guess what?
They are not coming in droves anymore. They are going to places like Macau, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines etc. Everywhere we visited, it was like progress. New high rises and skyscrapers. Businesses flourishing! People (mainly Chinese) carrying shopping bags not from Walmart or Kmart, but from Cartier, Givenchy, etc.

The Las Vegas of the Orient is thriving. I am told that more and more American Casinos are moving to Macau, because within one year they can pay off their entire investment! Also, there are plenty of jobs in Macau.

So while we are suffering economically here in the richest and freest nation on earth, the developing nations are beginning to show signs of economic prosperity and they are giving thanks to God for their blessings! You know the boat people are not there anymore.
They were all given housing!

The businessmen who left Hong Kong when it transistioned to China are all back!

It was a very Merry Christmas (though the name of Jesus was unspoken) everywhere we went!
So they know someone is blessing them - they just don't know who!